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 Unsanctioned Fight (Open to ANYONE)

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: Unsanctioned Fight (Open to ANYONE)   Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:35 pm

*Come to Life by Alter Bridge blares through the IWA speakers and throughout the arena as Robert Ryzing steps through the entrance curtain and onto the stage in black trunks, black knee pads, black boots & a sleeveless, light grey, jean vest with three stars on the left pocket

He smiles as the audience cheers him and makes his way down the ramp then ascends the steel steps and steps through the middle ropes as he enters the ring then he asks for a microphone & paces around the ring*

Robert Ryzing: "It feels great to be here at War Games in beautiful Hollywood, California!"

*The audience cheers*

Robert Ryzing: "But, i'm not here to praise Hollywood... i'm here for a fight!"

*The audience cheers loudly*

Robert Ryzing: "I may not be on this stacked PPV card because I don't deserve it, but last week, I said I was going to issue an open challenge! I don't care if i'm not on the card because back in Minnesota, if we had a problem, we would solve it ourselves! So, i'm out here to challenge ANYONE in the back to an UNSANCTIONED fight! It may not be official, but i'm not in the mood to just sit back and watch an opportunity pass me by! So, I don't care who you are... a wrestler, referee, EMT..."

*Robert points at the camera men surrounding the ring and at Rhys Trebian & Ken Comaro at the announce table*

Robert Ryzing: "Any of you guys wanna take me on? I heard you were a former amateur wrestler, Ken?"

*Robert Ryzing smiles & laughs jokingly*

Robert Ryzing: "But, in all seriousness, i'm not leaving this ring until I get a fight!"

*The audience cheers as Robert Ryzing takes off his vest & shouts to the back for a challenge*
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Logan Acid

Posts : 328
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PostSubject: Re: Unsanctioned Fight (Open to ANYONE)   Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:13 am

OOC: If no one replies then just have Gunner or security come escort him out
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The Hysteric
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Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: Unsanctioned Fight (Open to ANYONE)   Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:07 pm

Lol he sounds like a madman

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PostSubject: Re: Unsanctioned Fight (Open to ANYONE)   

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Unsanctioned Fight (Open to ANYONE)
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