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 This is more than a title

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: This is more than a title   Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:07 am

Camera fades into Perry Jenkins locker room.
His locker room is almost dark, the only thing lighting up the room is a circle of candles on the floor.
Perry Jenkins is seen with the IWA World Heavyweight Title around his waist walking in the middle of the circle of candles and sits down indian style with the candles surrounding him.

Perry Jenkins: "Daniel Johnson...You showed your true colors last week. You could have won your first and only title here in IWA. We could have been the best tag team in IWA history. But your selfishness and your ego got in the way of that. You think you got the last laugh Daniel...You're dead wrong!"

Perry takes the title off his waist and holds in his hands.

Perry Jenkins: "In my hands Daniel...this is not just a belt. It's my legacy. This represents everything I am and everything I have worked for! I have put my body on the line week in and week out with no off days. All of my blood, sweat and tears is in this world title. No matter what all everyone else thinks you know and I know that I deserved this title."

Perry places the title on the floor right in front of him

Perry Jenkins: "Tonight I put my legacy on the line. My legacy vs. your career. This match will make or break both of our careers. This is more than a match, this will be a war! Man vs. Man, one on one, no excuses Daniel. We will be entering this match with one thing on our mind, our careers. But one man will walk out the IWA World Heavyweight Champion and have there career boosted to the next level!

Perry kisses the belt, get up off the floor and walks away

- IWA World Heavyweight Champion
- x1 Xtreme Division Champion
- x1 Superstar of the Season
- x2 Feud of the Season Award winner
- x2 Most Loved Superstar Award winner
- Former Leader of The Revolution
- Owner of Laura Brand, Ravaging Ron and Cameron Needs
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The Hysteric
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Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: This is more than a title   Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:19 am

you do realize its a triple threat right? Guess you wouldnt know that though being inactive and all -.-

-GM of IWA (2013-Present)
-IWA Superstar (2012-Present)
-2x IWA International Champion
-1x IWA Rising Star Tourney Winner
-Leader of The Nest
-Co-Leader of The Prodigy
-Owns Rex, Surge, Gunner, Chaos Dimention & Cory Atlas

-ISW Superstar (2012-Present)
-ISW VGM (2014-Present)
-1x ISW International Champion
-1x ISW Fatal Champion
-1x ISW Insanity Champion
-1x ISW MITB Winner
-1x Dance Off Award Winner
-2x Match of the Season Award Winner
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This is more than a title
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