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The Hysteric
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Hall of Famer
The Hysteric

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PostSubject: PROFILE CHANGES (READ OR YOURS WILL BE DELETED)   Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:34 am

Okay so you guys aren't going to like this. Well, some are and some arent lol.
Not a huge problem to fix, just copy and paste really but Every active guy here needs to combine every characters bio he owns. It needs to be done as soon as possible. It will make it much easier on me looking for moves etc when making matches.

So if you have a GLOW, an NPC, a Manager and two Superstars they all need to be in the same "Profile page"


Title: "Bford, VIP, Ravaging Ron, Nick Ford & Sa$ha Profiles"
(and obviously all profiles would be in there)

Profiles ONLY require: Name, Location, Entrance Theme, Height, Weight, TMs/Taunt/Finishers
Everything else is optional, obviously you can add what you want a good bio is fun to read
and helps me understand your character more when writing, also an Entrance Description I
can copy and paste is good too.

Sorry for the work and thanks for doing it Razz

-GM of IWA (2013-Present)
-IWA Superstar (2012-Present)
-2x IWA International Champion
-1x IWA Rising Star Tourney Winner
-Leader of The Nest
-Co-Leader of The Prodigy
-Owns Rex, Surge, Gunner, Chaos Dimention & Cory Atlas

-ISW Superstar (2012-Present)
-ISW VGM (2014-Present)
-1x ISW International Champion
-1x ISW Fatal Champion
-1x ISW Insanity Champion
-1x ISW MITB Winner
-1x Dance Off Award Winner
-2x Match of the Season Award Winner

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Logan Acid
Logan Acid

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PostSubject: Re: PROFILE CHANGES (READ OR YOURS WILL BE DELETED)   Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:49 pm

Don't delete mine! Razz I'll combine them eventually but it might take some time lol
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