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 Kala Devine (GLOW) Bio

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PostSubject: Kala Devine (GLOW) Bio   Kala Devine (GLOW) Bio I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 25, 2014 5:16 am

Ring Name: Kala Devine
Age: 23
Height: 5'4
Weight: 123lbs
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Alignment: Face
Bio: Kala was born in an athletic family, but hardships hit her family and at 6 months old she was put up for adoption. After fighting to be the first female in her school's wrestling team which she won, she went on to be a standout at Oklahoma State University. Wanting to continue to strive for women's wrestling she signed with IWA to help with their emerging GLOW division. Kala's lifetime goal is to show that some women can hang with their male counterparts.

Finishers: Kala Kutter (DD)- Kala hooks the head of the opponent into her armpit then swings under them quickly hitting a cutter on the opponent executing a LEGENDARY Kala Kutter

Simply Devine (Pin)- Kala climbs the top rope as the opponent stands facing her as she dives over them hooking their head landing in a neckbreaker executing a LEGENDARY Simply Devine

Trademarks: Devine Intervention (DD)- Kala runs off the ropes spinning as she lifts her leg kicking the opponent in the face executing a LEGENDARY Devine  Intervention

Devine  Wrath (Pin)- Kala gets on the apron facing the downed opponent she leaps springboarding at the opponent with a frog splash executing a LEGENDARY Devine  Wrath

Entrance: Hollywood Undead's "Undead" blasts threw the speakers as Kala makes her way on stage singing along as she runs down the ramp slapping her fans' hands sliding into the ring bobbing her head along with the beat then leans forward on the ropes as she raises her fist to the air yelling loudly.
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Kala Devine (GLOW) Bio
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