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 Long Live The King(Open to King Jason Adams)

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Long Live The King(Open to King Jason Adams) Empty
PostSubject: Long Live The King(Open to King Jason Adams)   Long Live The King(Open to King Jason Adams) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 01, 2014 2:03 pm

"Written in the stars" plays and the fans boo loudly, Chris Sparks comes out, mic in hand and smirks at the crowd, he moves to the side and IWA tech crew members run down the ramp rolling a long roll of red carpet, Chris smiles and is handed a flag with King Jason Adams' face on it, he waves it with one arm speaking into the mic

Chris: "Ladies and Gentlemen, please settle down... at the Paper-View my mentor, Tag Team Partner, Friend, and most importantly... King... did something grand and wonderful... he finally shut Hurricane Earl's mouth!

The crowd begins to boo as Chris steps into the ring

Chris: He shut Savior's mouth, and he shut Bford's mouth... proving once again that there is no equal to his skill! Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you.... the NEEEEEW IWA INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION....King...Jason...Adams!
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Long Live The King(Open to King Jason Adams)
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