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PostSubject: Guest on Fame-Cam   Guest on Fame-Cam I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2014 4:14 pm

*Kala is seen stretching in the weight room preparing for her match tonight as Cris Famous walks up*

Cris:"Kala welcome to IWA, its been a while how have you been?"

Kala:"Hi Nic I've been great going to be better tonight when I earn a shot at being the first ever GLOW champion, then we will have two Sacramentans as champions"

Cris:"Yup, both of us representing our city, now then I'd like to do a quick interview for my Fame-Cam, whaddaya say?"

Kala:"Go ahead Cris it'd be my honor"

*Cris aims the camera at Kala and readies a mic*

Cris:"Now then, tonight you debut against the beauty Stacie Lace, what is your take on her?"

Kala:"Ah straight to it, well she's no joke, but she's also no Kala Define. I expect a great match up between us, but in the end ability triumphs over looks."

Cris:" Well said Kala just don't take her lightly, next question, how does it feel being an original in our GLOW division?"

Kala:" Easy, its an honor. You know me I'm as huge believer in us women being equal with you men in the squared circle, so being an original is a huge honor to me."

Cris:" And you are talented, I remember when we trained together, you are one tough cookie. OK one last question, what do you hope to accomplish here in IWA?"

Kala:" Good question, there's a lot I'd hope to accomplish. First I'd love to be a driving force in the GLOW division for many seasons, second I'd love to entertain the fans of IWA for as long as I can, third make Sacramento proud, and lastly hold the GLOW title. Well I have to go get ready, nice talking with you Cris."

Cris:" Thank you Ms.Devine, there you have it fans a candid Fame-Cam interview with the the gorgeously vicious Kala Devine."
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Guest on Fame-Cam
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