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 The French Maiden

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PostSubject: The French Maiden   The French Maiden I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 10, 2014 12:57 am

*IWA Universe is ecstatic and they cover the whole arena in cheers. Suddenly an unfamiliar music hits the arena breaking the audience noise.

One (Your Name) by Swedish House Mafia hits the arena then burst of loud cheers can be heard as a respond. Then sparks came down from Titan Tron and many changing lights covers the arena.

A curvy woman goes out from backstage and cheers echoes around the arena, She is seen wearing a baby pink top and hot pink leather shorts with a furry boots. She makes a pose then dance insync with One while walking towards the ring. She goes up and raise her hand asking for a microphone.

She takes a deep breathe and catches her breathe after the spectacular dance. She raise the mic near to her lips and started talking.*

Stacie Lace: "Bonsoir mesdames et messieurs de l'IWA! [Takes a pause with a smile] Good evening IWA, I am Stacie Lace.. I came from city of lights.. Paris,  France and I am here to the most wonderful wrestling stadium in the world."

*IWA crowd erupts with huge cheer.*

Stacie Lace: "I know that few people think that French Ladies are just for fashion,.. For Dining,.. Mesdames et messieurs of IWA I am here to prove that French Ladies are not just for show. I am here to present the glamor of French Maiden.. [Winks to a random fan] Stacie Lace is the name and IWA should remember that."

*IWA gets wild after her claim.*

Stacie Lace: "I am here to show that French Ladies are the best... Not only in Fashion but even in Sports Entertainment... Get that! Au revoir et merci..."

*Stacie drops the mic then she goes down the ring gorgeously while receiving positive cheers from IWA. She blows a flying kiss then winks to the whole IWA Universe, then camera fades to commercial.*
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The French Maiden
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