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 Reflection and predictions

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Reflection and predictions Empty
PostSubject: Reflection and predictions   Reflection and predictions I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 10, 2014 1:03 am

*Earl and Sarah are in their locker room*

Earl: "I'm calling him"

Sarah: "No your not"

Earl: "But you know he can get the answer's the IWA needs"

Sarah: " Yes I know, but wait and see want the IWA officials do first"

*As Earl and Sarah talk a knock comes on the door*

Summer: "Is this a good time"?

Sarah: "Yes come on in"

Summer: "First I would like to get your reflections of Rhys and Justin"

Sarah: "Well Summer when I first started here Justin was a big help, he would let me interview him and would give me advice on how to be the best interviewer I could be, and say what you want about Rhys, he was always talking to the wrestlers, asking about their gimmicks and such so that he could talk them up of down during the shows, both of them well be missed"

Earl: "Well, I didn't have a lot of interaction with Rhys we talked a few times about my background and stuff he could use in his commentary, Justin Omega well he interviewed me quite a few times and was always a professional and never afraid to ask the tough questions, he was a great guy to be around always positive and upbeat"

Summer: "Thank-you for those words, now Earl I would like to ask you about your elimination chamber qualifying against Kyle Richards"

Earl: "As one chapter ends, another begins, tonight I start my journey to becoming IWA heavyweight Champion, tonight I beat Kyle and enter the chamber, then at the PPV I walk out as the new heavyweight champion"

Summer: "Thank-you both for your time"

Sarah: "No problem"

*The camera fades to the next segment*
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Reflection and predictions
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