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 The Next Big Thing

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PostSubject: The Next Big Thing   Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:02 pm

Johnny James:"Well let's move on with the show. Up next is..."

*The titantron comes on and there a mysterious woman there*

Jenni King:"Are you guys wondering who i am? I am IWA's next big thing. My name is Jenni King and i'm here to put on a show here at IWA. This is just the introduction because when i come to the ring the fans will be cheering for me. See you guys later.

*Jenni King blows a kiss as the titantron turns off*

Ken comaro:"Who was that?"

Johnny James:"Clean your ears out that's Jenni King. Well will see more of her later let's get on with the show."
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The Next Big Thing
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