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 Stacie's Interview & Point of View

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Stacie's Interview & Point of View Empty
PostSubject: Stacie's Interview & Point of View   Stacie's Interview & Point of View I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 11, 2014 6:19 am

*Titan Tron lights up and backstage image appear focusing on Stacie Lace tying the lace of her furry boots. Audience erupt with huge pop and Stacie lit a charismatic smile towards IWA Universe.

Cathy Knight is seen approaching the French Charmer, Cathy with a microphone in hand goes near to Staice. Cathy raise the mic near to her lips and she starts the interview.*

Cathy Knight: "Hey Stacie, do you have a minute for a quick talk?"

*Stacie Lace stands firm and she lit a smile.*

Stacie Lace: "Bien sûr, Ce sera un honneur."

*Cathy Knight looks confused and ask for the meaning of Stacie's respond.*

Cathy Knight: "I am sorry Stacie, I don't know French."

Stacie Lace: "I am so sorry mademoiselle, I said that It is an honor.. Honneur, Honor."

*Stacie shows an elegant smile.*

Cathy Knight: "Now i get it, Stacie, You are one of the newest member of IWA for GLOW Brand. What are the things we can expect from you and how do you feel about your debut match tonight against Kala Devine?"

*Stacie Lace looks at ceiling then looks at Cathy waving her head and showing a nervous smile.*

Stacie Lace: "To be honest Ms. Cathy, I am excited.. I am also nervous. Kala is a great athlete and i met her during our training and draft period in IWA.."

*Stacie makes a pause for a moment then she continue talking.*

Stacie Lace: "I came from France, a Super Model, enjoying the luxury of a French Mademoiselle.. But i did not have any fulfillment with that.. I enjoy many things, I came to US and watch a wrestling event 3 years ago and saw IWA and it's fans.. First, I was shocked with the brutality and but then it inspires me whenever i see children's smile and the ecstatic faces of whole world... We can say, I fall inlove with it... It is like having a Monsieur drifting in the Venice and kissing under the bridge. [Stacie bit her lower lips] I am here to share my talent, I am here to show that French Maidens are not just for show. I am nerveux et excité but i will do my best to win my debut."

*Stacie Lace shows a very enthusiastic aura.*

Stacie Lace: "I will show the fruit of my training under John and i'll make my fellow french proud.. [Stacie winks] Kala will be a tough opponent tonight but I will be tougher than Kala... That is all, merci et vous voir."

*Stacie Lace does some stretching before heading straight to the ring then Titan Tron fades to black.*
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Stacie's Interview & Point of View
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