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 Announcement of GLOW

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Announcement of GLOW Empty
PostSubject: Announcement of GLOW   Announcement of GLOW I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 11, 2014 12:24 pm

*The IWA sold out stadium is still in a chatter from the previous promo when Theatrical Music suddenly plays and they break into boo's. After a moment a very sexy female figure steps out on stage smiling. Alana Dellachecka stares out to the fans and waves as "You Sold Out" chants rise up slowly. She plays to the crowd as she walks down and enters the ring*

Johnny James: "I have done my homework on IWA and not a very warm welcome for Alana here tonight."
Ken Comaro: "And what else could you expect after she 'fixed' the Main Event at a major PPV."

*Alana picks up a mic and goes to the center of the ring as the chants die out*

Alana Dellachecka: "Ladies and Gentlemen, fans of IWA alike, I just want to start by apologizing for my previous actions."

*The fans stare at Alana intensely*

Alana Dellachecka: "What I did was unquestionably horrid and I have suffered many times over for my mistakes. I lost my job, had to repay the Company, got ran over by a madman and yes, almost lost my marriage, all because I toyed where I didn't belong. I am sorry for ever trying to rob you people of the greatest show on earth. I just hope you can find it in your hearts to one day forgive me..."

*A few small cheers break out as Alana smiles*

Alana Dellachecka: "And until then, I will earn your respect back because that is what matters! The respect of the fans and tonight IWA breaks barriers and history with the unveiling of our newest division that I will personally head!"

*The fans cheer loudly looking excited*

Alana Dellachecka: "Introducing the first ever, unprecedented, beautifully fierce Womens Roster of IWA..."

*Alana turns to the ramp*

Alana Dellachecka: "IWA's presents to it's fans, it's Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling!!"

*Alana points to the ramp as the tron lights up with a bright video package with loud eccentric music as more than 30 beautiful ladies walk out onto the ramp and stand tall in front of the cheering and whistling fans*

Alana Dellachecka: "Please welcome IWA's GLOW Roster of 2014!"

*The arena erupts as the GLOW's each raise their hands and wave to the fans*

Johnny James: "Wow, what an announcement! A ladies roster!"
Ken Comaro: "No doubt history has definitely been made tonight, and oh how Rhys Trebian would have loved this!"

*Alana leaves the ring and joins the GLOW Division on the ramp as the segment fades away*

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Announcement of GLOW
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