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 A New Talent Acquisition?

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Logan Acid
Logan Acid

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A New Talent Acquisition? Empty
PostSubject: A New Talent Acquisition?   A New Talent Acquisition? I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 15, 2014 7:46 pm

*The TitanTron lights up showing Eric Jones backstage talking on his phone when "Slick" Rick Kingston suddenly approaches him as he hangs up his phone*

"Slick" Rick Kingston: "Look Eric, I know you might be busy, but I have a little propasal for you..."

*Rick smiles*

"Slick" Rick Kingston: "Your current client, Daniel Johnson, has been nothing more than a disappointment! He is nowhere near as great as he once was and has been replaced by the one & only! I think "Slick" Rick Kingston should be Eric Jones's new client..."

*Rick smiles as he awaits Eric's answer & Eric Jones smiles as he looks Rick Kingston up and down in a custom-made suit*

Eric Jones: "You know what, kid, why not? Daniel's lost his touch and needs to be replaced anyways... you got yourself a manager!"

*Eric extends his hand and Rick smiles as he shakes his hand & both men smile as the TitanTron fades to black*

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A New Talent Acquisition?
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