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 Emily Noir's vignette

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Emily Noir's vignette Empty
PostSubject: Emily Noir's vignette   Emily Noir's vignette I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2014 3:31 pm

Johnny James: "And just like that, the second GLOW match of the night is over. These girls are really showing something tonight... "

Ken Comaro: "You're right, Johnny. It looks like the champ, Eliza Petrov has found some competition in IWA!"

Johnny James: "So let's move on to..."

*The Jumbotron suddenly lights up, cutting Johnny out.*

Johnny James: "What the heck!"

*A man sitted on a stool appears on the frame. We can't see his face, as the camera is showing only his chest. Two completely tattoed arms comes on the scene, the hands covered in purple gloves. A female voiceover starts speaking over the buzzing of the tattoo machine, as it begins working on the man's skin.*

Voiceover: "Never fear to suffer. Pain is temporary. As much as it hurts, as much as it seems to last forever, soon it will be over."

*The camera zooms on some blood, dripping out from the man's shoulder. The tattoer shuts down the machine to clean the blood away, before going back to work.*

Voiceover: "But memories... Memories last forever. That's why I put them all, good and bad, on my skin. This is what I have been through, this is what I am. This is the story of my life. Once you read it through my tattoos, you'll understand that I'm someone you don't want to mess with. I have been with a rock band, but I'm not a rockstar. I have been a model, but I'm not a brainless doll. I'm now a wrestler, just not the type of wrestler you're used to know."

*The camera cuts to a black screen, as some words in white starts appearing on it written by a tattoo machine in a gothic font, reading "Emily Noir"*

Voiceover: "I'm the one you're going to love and fear at the same time. And I'm coming to IWA"

*The Jumbotron shuts off and the camera cuts back to the announcer table.*

Johnny James: "That was weird... Who's Emily Noir?"

Ken Comaro: "I don't know Johnny, but my guess is that she's the newest addition to the GLOW roster. We haven't seen her, but her voice was very fascinating..."

Johnny James: "I don't know, man.. It sounded a bit creepy to me... All her talks about pain... That gave me chills!"

Ken Comaro: "We'll see then, when she will make her debut in IWA. But now it's time for the Rising Star Tourney Starter Match, between Michael Sheen and "Slick" Rick Kingston!"

(OOC: I think this one should go right after the Kayla Winter vs Sa$ha match, and right before Sheen vs Rick. If other segments are planned to go there, edit Ken's sentence, wiving the line back to whatever is scheduled to take place next   Wink  )
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Emily Noir's vignette
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