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 Hysterical Client? (RP 3)

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PostSubject: Hysterical Client? (RP 3)   Hysterical Client? (RP 3) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2014 12:39 am

*IWA comes back in from it's commercial break. The ecstatic fans cheer wildly waving their arms at the camera as it pans the sold out stadium. Suddenly the tron lights up and a new face is seen standing, smiling and holding a microphone*

Man: "Hello ladies and gentlemen, My name is Marky Brookes and I alongside my partner Jesse Green will be acting as IWA's new interviewers in light of very unfortunate recent events..."

*The fans look to the tron*

Marky Brookes: "Now I'm no Justin Omega, but I promise to give you fans my best in hopes of one day being a part of the family he knows as his own, the IWA family."

*The fans clap and smile in approval of Marky Brookes*

Marky Brookes: "So without further a due, let's get down to the knitty gritty. There has been a huge fuss so far tonight over some statements made earlier by the sinister Caleb Dupree, showing no regard for the deaths of Justin Omega and Rhys Trebian, he claims to have a quote 'New Client'."

*The fans boo loudly at Caleb Dupree's name*

Marky Brookes: "A client that he claims will run rampant over the IWA. A client who has been born again, one who knows no bounds and fears no evil... A client who has laughed in the face of death and walked through the depths of hell. Now the rumors have flown and there is one superstar who many speculate that fits the description. That superstar is none other tha-"

*Suddenly a shadow is cast behind Marky Brookes cutting him off. The fans cheer as he turns around to come face to face with The Hysteric who has his arms crossed looking up above Marky, out into the air*

Marky Brookes: "Hy-Hysteric, I uh.. Hello."

*Hysteric looks down and locks eyes with Marky Brookes before he squints piercing his gaze through Marky Brookes*

Marky Brookes: "Hysteric, there has been much speculation tonight over rumors regarding Caleb Dupree's new client would you care to indulge in an impromptu interview?"

*Hysteric leans down to the mic and speaks, his words slithering from his tongue like a snake*

Hysteric: "Nooo.. The Hysteric does not seek an interview for the sheep."

*The fans boo loudly at The Hysteric causing him to crack a slight smile*

Marky Brookes: "There are many who believe you to be the Client. The descriptions do fit I must say, you have been somewhat reborn, you claim to have walked the depths of hell and you are definitely one to have a reputation of knowing no bounds I mea-"

*Hysteric cuts off Marky Brookes bringing his hand up leaning into the mic slowly*

Hysteric: "Marky mark... The Hysteric is quite fascinated by the theories you people conjure up, like ghosts, you sheep invent things, myths really, and only cease to confuse yourselves ever more so."

*The Hysteric spins and slithers around Marky Brookes to his other side bringing up his hands as if he's molding something in the empty air*

Hysteric: "It's rather frightening no? To not know what lies on the other side of the darkness you so cowardly distance yourselves from? You see The Hysteric for the longest time, had lost his way, had gone soft... The Hysteric didn't want to believe the words of Michael Sheen last season but he was very much correct, Michael Sheen, in realizing where The Hysteric had gone wrong."

*Hysteric cocks his head to the side as Marky Brookes pipes up*

Marky Brookes: "So you're not the client? And what are your comments on Michael Sheen and your match at the PPV last Sunday?"

*The Hysteric chuckles evily*

Hysteric: "Sheen put up a good fight at Resurrection but it was The Hysteric who was indeed resurrected and Sheen who was doomed to fall under the hands of the monster he so desperately craved to awaken and release from his slumber!"

*Marky Brookes leans back as The Hysteric shouts. He gulps hard then raises the mic back to The Hysteric*

Hysteric: "Like a lamb to the imminent end, I led him in to the slaughterhouse for the world to witness firsthand the end and demise of the former shell The Hysteric had been living inside. The Hysteric is not the client you seek to unveil, but I'm sure the answer you seek, is not to far from the question itself..."

*The lights go out and come back on showing Marky alone. The Hysteric's maniacal laughter rings out through the halls as he is nowhere to be seen. Marky Brookes looks to the camera and gives him the signal to cut as the tron cuts to black*

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Hysterical Client? (RP 3) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hysterical Client? (RP 3)   Hysterical Client? (RP 3) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2014 1:30 am

hmm you should be Creative Writers. Awesome Razz
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Hysterical Client? (RP 3)
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