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 Running into the Champ (OPEN to Perry Jenkins)

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The Hysteric
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The Hysteric

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Running into the Champ (OPEN to Perry Jenkins) Empty
PostSubject: Running into the Champ (OPEN to Perry Jenkins)   Running into the Champ (OPEN to Perry Jenkins) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 18, 2014 12:43 am

*The Hysteric is shown on the tron walking backstage towards the ring. He is squeezing his taped wrists tightening the bandings as he walks quickly through the corridors. Suddenly his immense focus is shattered as he bumps shoulders with another person. He stops instantly and glares over his shoulder at the back of the other Superstar. The camera pans slowly and the arena erupts into cheers as Perry Jenkins stands staring back over his shoulder at The Hysteric in the same capacity. They both slowly turn around meeting and holding each others blazing gaze. The Hysteric has his head sunk and cocked to the side a bit casting a shadow over his eyes that pierce through the darkness staring into Perry Jenkins. Perry looks across at The Hysteric before breaking the silence with the fans cheering on wildly in the background*

(OCC: all you, btw im on my way to my Chamber Qualifying match)

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Running into the Champ (OPEN to Perry Jenkins)
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