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 Attack from behind(Right before Hampton's match)

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Attack from behind(Right before Hampton's match) Empty
PostSubject: Attack from behind(Right before Hampton's match)   Attack from behind(Right before Hampton's match) I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2014 11:42 am

Loud Scottish bagpipe music blares through the speakers as the crowd stand up and cheer, with a bit of applause. Harry Hampton comes out rocking red & black tights and a leather jacket. He looks around smiling then begins a confident stroll down the ramp, he shakes a few hands and then slides into the ring he grins as they chant

:"Harry! Harry! Harry! Harry!

*Harry smiles asking for a mic and recieves one looking around at the still standing fans

Harry: "Ello Laddies! So... what a paper-view right?

Crowd: Har-ry Hamp-ton Har-ry Hamp-ton!

Harry: Not bad for a mid-carder huh? Gunner... not only did I show you what Harry Hampton is capable of, but I also... gave you your first real official loss... and at a Paper-View nonetheless!

Crowd: "Gunner Sucks! Gunner Sucks!

Harry: "You see... these fans are doing somthing that you've probably had no experience with... they support me! I'm getting one of the biggest pops in my career right now, no one else back there is even getting anything close to this cheering... except maybe Hysteric and Perry... so what's next? I have all this momentum and I don't wanna stop now... so... there's only one thing left to do...

*He lowers the mic then makes gestures around his waist as if there's a title

Harry: So tonight... the loudmouth V.I.P... takes on Harry "The Scottish Hotty" Hampton! Tonight! For a spot in the elimination chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship!

*The crowd is now going wild, a few Hampton Rulez signs are shown on the camera

Harry: "Have a Nice D-"

Voice: Ey yo! Ey yo! Make room! For V...I...P!

*Hampton glares at the stage, now interrupted, waiting for V.I.P. Suddenly V.I.P hops over the barricade and slides in the ring.

V.I.P lifts Harry Hampton on his shoulders backwards and slams him on the mat executing an ULTIMATE Reverse Grapple Slam!

[I]*A referee runs down to the ring and slides in, V.I.P shouts for the ref to ring the bell, he does so then V.I.P covers Hampton, the ref counts

Ref: One!....Two!.....Thr-

*Harry kicks out with great force, V.I.P has a look of disbelief on his face and the ref pushes him into the corner as Harry slowly begins to stand, leaning on the ropes as the match officially begins*
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Attack from behind(Right before Hampton's match)
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